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track n trace

The user interface is optimized for the use on the road with a Smartphone. In addition to the current data from OpenStreetMap also high resolution aerial photos are available.
For more detail information, the user can resolve the route in single vehicle positions. Per click the users get helpful information, such as speed, time and number of satellites. More details can be shown depending on the connected sensors.

The areas must be specified in the application period 2016 numerically as well as in the form of polygons (geometry). It is calculated as the geo data-based application with the surface exactly the geometry of the surrounding ring of the surface. The surface area is calculated exactly from the geometry of the surrounding ring of the area. The GEOmeter user is on the safe side, because size and geometry make always a unit.
The geodata of the area are transferred to the central database of the InVeKoS in the Shape format in the system ETRS89/UTM. Both the delivery format and coordinate system are supported by the GEOmeter or by GEOlink.


The progressive technical development brings forth new measuring methods. Therefore we use a new UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) with a high resolution camera aerial photo.


What happens in case of the theft? The thief runs comfortably across the state border. What can you do? With geofencing to build an electronic fence anywhere. The fence reports on the passing of the vehicle via SMS, email to you or a different address. An other telephone rate shows the route of the thief from abroad.


Presentation of the SATNAV competence centre REDUS to the "Navigation Conference 2015" at the 14.9.2015 in Stuttgart

The Conference is organized every year by the SatNav Forum in support by the BMVI.

In lectures and workshops explored business representatives and SatNav expert's challenges, oppor-tunities, added value and business opportunities from providing satellite navigation. On the agenda were also questions to the mobility of the future and the forecast for future technologies in the navigation business.

In numerous conversations and in the workshop we have presented the infrastructure and expertise to the new competence centre REDUS.